UNLEASH Your Mowing Potential
The MEG-MO System™ uses a revolutionary design in lawn mower blade technology that allows your mower to do MORE with LESS! Our system fits ALL makes and models. With over 500,000 units sold thousands depend on their MEG-MO System™ to deliver consistent and professional results.

Mow WET or DRY!*

Morning dew, recent rain, no matter the weather the MEG-MO™ System will perform flawlessly. *Individual results may vary depending on conditions.

Mulch WITHOUT Changing Blades

Increase your productivity by mulching while you mow. Our blades pulverize grass clippings and leaves which means you’ll never have to bag, ever.


Blades on the MEG-MO System™ last up to 10X LONGER than regular blades. You’ll spend less time sharpening and less on replacement blades.

PULVERIZE Grass Clippings

With four separate cutting surfaces per disc, grass clippings are pulverized which means you’ll never have to bag them saving you TIME!

Replacement Blades Cost LESS

Each blade only costs $7.95 to replace and since they last up to 10X LONGER than traditional blades, you’ll spend less on replacing them!

LESS Maintenance

The MEG-MO System™ will leave the underside of the mowing deck clean and debris free, saving you time!

What people are saying about the Meg-Mo System
Real testimonials from satisfied Meg-Mo Customers

Our blades came in this morning, and my wife is out mowing as I speak…I had to do some fine tuning, with the spacers I needed longer bolts (1/4″), the spacers had to be reamed slightly so the bolts would fit, the center spacers couldn’t be used (they were drilled 7/16″, should have been 5/8″, but I really didn’t need them)…but they sound great, no extra vibration, and they’re solid…the clippings are a lot shorter, the yard is looking good…im glad I bought them, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to improve their mower…thanks again…

Mark O. – Madison, IN

As a first time purchaser of Meg-Mo, I was both anxious and skeptical. I have tried many mowers and blades with the goal of not having to bag the grass. In all previous cases, the discharge always left long clippings on top of the cut grass leaving rows of clippings making the yard looking like it needed to be harvested. After the 2nd cutting with Meg-Mo I saw and continue to see a dramatic difference. Clippings are 50% or greater smaller and blend nicely back into the cut lawn. No more rows of dead clipped grass. It is one of the few times the performance of the product outperformed the presale hype. If you are concerned about the look of your cut lawn, then I highly recommend the Meg-Mo system and get ready to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

Michael W. – Michigan

I mowed less than 10\’ before declaring-“Problem solved”. This wimpy mower was transformed into a grass-slinging beast!! Before Meg-Mo, grass was discharged unevenly about 6-7 feet which included a 3″ wide windrow just off the deck. After Meg-mo, I am evenly discharging grass 15-18′, not to mention being chopped much finer. I recommend these blades to anyone. Thanks for your help, you saved me a bundle because I was ready to trade a mower with less than 40 hours on it.

Jim Traughber – Franklin, KY

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