Unleash Your Mowing Potential

The MEG-MO System™ uses a revolutionary design in lawn mower blade technology that allows your mower to do MORE with LESS! Our system fits ALL makes and models. With over 50,000 units sold thousands depend on their MEG-MO System™ to deliver consistent and professional results.

Mow WET or DRY!

Morning dew, recent rain, no matter the weather the MEG-MO System™ will perform flawlessly.

Mulch WITHOUT Changing Blades

Increase your productivity by mulching while you mow. Our blades pulverize grass clippings and leaves which means you'll never have to bag, ever.


Blades on the MEG-MO System™ last up to 10X LONGER than regular blades. You'll spend less time sharpening and less on replacement blades.

PULVERIZE Grass Clippings

With four separate cutting surfaces per disc, grass clippings are pulverized which means you'll never have to bag them saving you TIME!

Replacement Blades Cost LESS

Each blade only costs $7.95 to replace and since they last up to 10X LONGER than traditional blades, you'll spend less on replacing them!

LESS Maintenance

The MEG-MO System™ will leave the underside of the mowing deck clean and debris free, saving you time!

Ready to Upgrade Your Mowing Experience Today?

The MEG-MO System™ fits ALL makes and models. Contact us for a no obligation quote today!