The MEG-MO System

A Revolutionary Advance In Cutting Assembly Design That Will Enhance Your Mowing Efficiency

The MEG-MO System™ was developed in 1996 by Roy Megli of Sterling, IL as a proprietary advancement in lawn mowing blade technology that utilizes a disc with four cutting blades to replace standard moving blades making mowing faster, cleaner, and reducing the amount of sharpening required for the blades as well as eliminating the need to bag clippings.

Roy has been in the turf industry since 1983 when he founded Megli Lawn Care as a full-service lawn maintenance/weed & feed company. The MEG-MO System™ was born after Megli became aware of the knives that were available for disc mowers on large farm tractors used for mowing hay. He adapted the concept to work on his own turf mowers. The result was cleaner mowing decks and greatly reduced sharpening of the blade knives which improved efficiency greatly.

With the unique disc and knife design, everyday obstacles are no longer an issue. The blades stay in balance which greatly extends spindle life. Hitting a rock or a stump is no longer an issue as the free-swinging knives fold back instead of chipping or bending like traditional mower blades.

More than 500,000 units have been shipped to over thousands of customers throughout the United States and Canada. The MEG-MO System™ is used by golf courses, municipalities, sod growers, commercial maintenance firms, and homeowners. Each order is custom manufactured right here in the USA and delivery is 2-4 weeks. The MEG-MO System™ fits virtually every mower with a minimum of 5 H.P. and a blade clutch.

MEG-MO System™ Pricing
Discs with Knives and Fasteners

Less Than 18"$69.95* ea.
+ S&H
$139.90* ea.
+ S&H
18" to 20 7/8"$79.95* ea.
+ S&H
$159.90* ea.
+ S&H
21" to 27 7/8"$89.95* ea.
+ S&H
$179.90* ea.
+ S&H
28" to 32 7/8"$99.95* ea.
+ S&H
$199.90* ea.
+ S&H
+ S&H
33" + (Single Blade)$109.95* ea.
+$15 S&H Per Blade
Replacement Knives
Fasteners (4pk)
$7.95 ea.
$7.95 ea.
+$15 S&H
Shipping & Handling$10 per disk$10 per disk$10 per disk


*All prices in U.S. Dollars, IL Residents add 7.75% sales tax.
Payment required prior to order shipping.
Call for S&H outside of US.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Each Custom Manufactured MEG-MO System™is made to perform to the specifications that we advertise. 

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