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Here are just a few stories from many of our satisfied customers.


Our blades came in this morning, and my wife is out mowing as I speak…I had to do some fine tuning, with the spacers I needed longer bolts (1/4″), the spacers had to be reamed slightly so the bolts would fit, the center spacers couldn’t be used (they were drilled 7/16″, should have been 5/8″, but I really didn’t need them)…but they sound great, no extra vibration, and they’re solid…the clippings are a lot shorter, the yard is looking good…im glad I bought them, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to improve their mower…thanks again…

Mark O. – Madison, IN


It has been a little over a year since I purchased the Meg-Mo mowing blade system for use on my Kubota BX2350 compact tractor with a 60” mower deck.  In the past year I mowed my 2 acre lawn plus an additional 2 to 3 acres of rural walking paths and recreation area.  I did this every week or two for the entire season and the blades performed great.  They stayed sharp, cut the grass into tiny pieces, and the deck never plugged up.  The blades did everything that the Meg-Mo advertising said they would, plus one major benefit that I haven’t seen discussed much, the blades didn’t throw rocks.

To me, the Meg-Mo blade system is worth it’s weight in gold even if the only thing that it did was to mow grass without throwing rocks.  This is important to me for a couple of reasons.  First, I come across a lot of rocks in the areas that I mow and the original Kubota blades were constantly throwing unseen rocks out from the deck at deadly speeds.  A couple of years ago I accidently mowed over a hidden baseball size rock and the standard Kubota blades threw that rock over a hundred yards, yet when I recently hit a similar size rock with the Meg-Mo blades, the rock only rolled out from under the deck a foot or two.  This is a huge difference.

The seriousness of the rock throwing issue was burned into my brain 47 years ago when a 16 year old classmate of mine and his best friend both got summer jobs mowing grass at a local golf course.  One day both of these kids were out mowing a new part of the course.  They were each running large commercial mowers and things were going well until the mower being run by my classmate’s buddy, threw a rock.  That rock hit my classmate in the head so hard that his head exploded, blowing the entire back of his head off and killing him instantly.

That day, a hard working 16 year old kid died and his best friend began living the rest of his life with memory of what he had accidently done.  I hate to be so brutal with my description, but that is exactly what happened and that is the reality of running a mower with traditional blades.

I am not a mower expert and I can’t tell you how the Meg-Mo blades will work on other mowers, but what I have seen with my mower is a dramatic reduction in rock throwing.  In my book anything that can be done to lessen the danger of thrown rocks is a good investment.

I hope my feedback helps.

Take Care and thank you for all of your efforts.

Bill – New York


As a first time purchaser of Meg-Mo, I was both anxious and skeptical.  I have tried many mowers and blades with the goal of not having to bag the grass.  In all previous cases, the discharge always left long clippings on top of the cut grass leaving rows of clippings making the yard looking like it needed to be harvested.  After the 2nd cutting with Meg-Mo I saw and continue to see a dramatic difference.  Clippings are 50% or greater smaller and blend nicely back into the cut lawn.  No more rows of dead clipped grass.  It is one of the few times the performance of the product out performed the presale hype.  If you are concerned about the look of your cut lawn, then I highly recommend the Meg-Mo system and get ready to have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood.

Michael W. – Michigan

Let me start out by saying the Meg-Mo Blade system is one of the best mowing systems that I have ever used! When the blades system is installed correctly and the spacers are installed to correct for how high or low the blade sets to the deck they cut as flat as and smooth as I have ever witnessed, there is not a streak of grass or a missed blade of grass in the 60” cut of my mower. I’m not a professional lawn person but I have had a lot of different mowers and have mowed a lot of grass in my 63 years, my wife and I now mow several acres and we use a professional grade Gravely 460 Diesel mower and I have tried several different blades on the mower and by far the Meg-Mo blade system has produced the best looking cut of any. The mower in grass that has been let go too long because of rain or vacation or whatever cuts even and clean and with a finer cut on the grass discharge, has more cutting power and used less fuel than before. I’m highly impressed with this system and I’m recommending them to all that I know that want’s a professional look to their yard.
Michael J – Missouri

Hi Roy,

We spoke Monday evening around 7pm EST. I was talking to you about my recent purchase, a John Deere 345 with your Meg-Mo system already attached to it! I will most likely take you up on your offer for the knives AND for the plate too. I kinda figure that I may need to have them on hand at some point anyways. Please let me know what the cost is and I will see if I can get some of these knives and that expanded metal catcher on the chute. I took some pictures last night when I got home like I said I would. Sorry if they are out of focus, it was late and some pretty bad lighting may come into play there! I also took a picture of the chute off my 48” deck. I was trying to envision what you were speaking of, but all I could think of was some sort of blocker that just basically closed off the chute itself while being able to still let some debris through. Thanks again for your help and again, I am extremely impressed with your design and your professionalism!!

Good luck and keep on designing sir!! Have a great day!
Timothy Morgan
Hi Roy,

Thank you for the mulching guard and Meg-Mo blades for my 48” Kubota fine cut deck. The leaves get shredded to almost nothing. They neighbors are amazed how well the system works. No more bagging leaves and grass and hopefully saves me in not fertilizing. Plus saved thousands in not buying a Kubota bagging system. Fast shipping !!

Chad, Minnesota


I mowed less than 10\’ before declaring-“Problem solved”. This wimpy mower was transformed into a grass-slinging beast!! Before Meg-Mo, grass was discharged unevenly about 6-7 feet which included a 3″ wide windrow just off the deck. After Meg-mo, I am evenly discharging grass 15-18′, not to mention being chopped much finer. I recommend these blades to anyone. Thanks for your help, you saved me a bundle because I was ready to trade a mower with less than 40 hours on it.

Jim Traughber
Franklin, KY




I am using the Meg-Mo knives on my Kubota ZD21 with the commercial 60 inch deck. I love them, the cut is clean and looks great.

Donald Green
Got the blades for my Cub Cadet Lt1024. Put them on as soon as I got them, my grass was wet from rain the night before, so I thought let me give them a try. They were simply amazing, performed as advertised, no clumping and deck stayed clean. I have since cut with the grass dry, and I do not think the grass has ever looked this good. Great product Roy, I would not hesitate to purchase again.

Ron Hatcher
Greatest blades I’ve ever used.

Chuck Lair
I bought your meg-mo system for my john deer 725 and I’m very happy with the set up in wet grass – it cuts very well with no plug ups . Then, later in the day when the grass dried a little it did great and all my customers said that it looked like it did a better job than my other commercial mower I normally use. All I can say, it’s been money well spent!!!!

Thanks again –
Gregory Meyer
Meyer’s Yard Care
Just wanted to drop you a note and say, WHAT GREAT BLADES!! I called on August 27,2011 and placed my order for my Cub Cadet 2206 w/48\” deck the blades arrived on the following Wednesday, I installed them and mowed that day and since have had to mow again. What a change for the better they preform as advertised, shorter clippings, I can use less throttle, throws the clippings much futher with about half the noise. Also with my old blades I had to always engage the blades twice to get them going (the motor would stall) with yours its one time and off they go. Thanks for a great product!

T. Nealis-Wisconsin

My grass got pretty big this week. Last night I thought I would see just how fast I could mow my 3.75 acres. My JD 2520 with the 62D mower with your blades cut the entire property in 1hr. 45min. I lifted the chute and hooked it up so the grass could really fly. I could not believe how those blades cut. Not even a single blade of grass left standing and the clippings were small and spread evenly. Even on the turns, they cut perfect. I was going so fast I could hardly stay in the seat. Had to fasten my seat belt. Amazing. And my deck was clean afterward. I could never run with the chute tied up with regular blades as I would be covered with grass. This did not happen with your blades. My boss at the John Deere dealership took my sample blade you sent me and I can’t seem to get it back. I have a few people really interested in blades but I really need to get my sample back. I think he is showing it to his friends and family. I love to demo them with my tractor. Thanks
In 2009 I saw your ad in a farm magazine and decided to give your blade system a try. It is not often that a product measures up to the advertising it receives. However your product does. The blades were at least 50% quieter and produced much less stress on the mower than the factory blades. I have a new JD tractor being delivered tomorrow. The first thing I will do is measure the blades and order a new set from you. Thank you for being an honest business to deal with.

Rob Johnson
I bought a set for my Husqvarna 54″ LGT 2654. I have talked with Roy many times at trade shows and finally decided to try a set. I wish I would have done it sooner. Amazing performance. Even in tall, wet grass. I won’t be needing the lawn sweeper any more. I have another unit to add a set to. Great product. It does what Roy says it will. Thanks Roy!!!

David Almquist
I recently purchased a set for a JD-997 ZTR 72. It solved a clippings problem and the cut quality is great, even after several mowings without sharpening the blades. I am now purchasing several more sets for other different types of mowers that we use, including walkbehind units.

George Bori
Groundtek, Inc.
Hi Roy,

I purchased the 3 blade set for my Ventrac 60″ mower deck and love them. I have a neighbor that has a new 33″ Snapper riding mower model 7800254 with the 17.5 HP Intec — this blade has a large center hole and 2 bolts that hold the blade in place. Have you done any of your blade systems for this snapper ? I believe your blade system will reduce the extreme vibration he gets and also save him from shaft damage if he hits an obstruction.

Ordered a set for my JD X585 SE last fall. Mower HP seemed to increase 10-15%. These blades (unsharpened) walked through grass 10″ in height. Also, cut my mowing time by 30-45 minutes. Also, no need to sweep anymore. I suggest these blades for anyone serious about keeping a neat lawn without the extra work.

I have a new Sears 46 inch mowerO purchased last year and after fighting with tall grass bunching up decided to order the Meg Mo system. I have been so pleased with this system. I no longer have grass bunching up or waiting until the grass is dry. I would recommend this system to anyone, who wants a great lawn. By the way I am a woman and I do know what I am talking about. Thanks again guys.

Carol K Perrer

I work third shift and I when I got off Friday morning I had a full day of mowing slated. This is the first “full” day I have tested the meg-mo system out. Let me just say that I was very impressed with the performance! Two yards I have had to consistently re-mow I cut once and done!

Do you have and hats or t-shirts for free advertisement?

Thanks –
D. Webb (satisfied customer)
I have a VENTRAC with 60″ deck. There is a combination of finish mowing and Rough Cut areas on the property. Even being careful in the rough cut areas I would occasionally hit a stone that would require blades to be removed and sharpened – I can see that these blades will not require that as often. I love the reduced noise and increased lift and distance of material thrown from the discharge. These blades cut as well or better on finished lawn and MUCH better in deep rough cut with less strain on the engine. BIG improvement and I will be ordering a set of blades so I can have a set sharp and ready to change. I have recommended them to my VENTRAC dealer and he has contacted his Factory Rep.

B.K. Brown – Madison, VA
Just wanted to say, I like your mower blades very much. I put them on as soon as I got them and noticed they did everything as advertised. I’m using less throttle and fuel with a much better cut. They are quiet and smooth. I’ll tell everyone I can.

Thank you,
Daniel Anderson
I wanted to take the time to thank you for the Meg-Mo blade system. Before fitting your system, even when I cut every 3-4 days, my Gravely left windrows, requiring me to double cut the area to disperse and chop up the clippings. Since installing your blades last spring I never had to do go over anything twice (even when I was gone for 2 weeks in summer!) The mower now produces very fine clippings which fall below the grass tops, even when I mulch up fall leaves! I can now mow faster AND with less engine loading (lugging/RPM drop) than with the original or the “premium” blades from my dealer. Heck, I can mow in the rain and it still cuts clean and mulches fine. The thing that regulates my speed now is slowing down for the turns since the mower will cut clean at full speed!

With the re-mowing and bagging I no longer have to do, you’ve saved me about an hour and a half per week, about 60 hours per year I can now spend with my family or friends. Instead of dumping clippings, recutting, dumping leaves, and paying a small fortune in fuel and maintenance for the privilege.

For a homeowner like me, the time and money saved pays for your system in one season.

So thanks again!

Aaron Bloomfield – Middletown, NY
Chris likes the Meg-Mo replacement blades he bought for his lawn mower. The system consists of a central steel disc with four “fold-back” cutting blades attached. With conventional single blades, when the blade wears out you have to replace the whole blade. With the Meg-Mo design, you keep the disc and replace only the knives.

I first saw an article on these blades a few years ago in FARM SHOW. It caught my eye because I was tired of having to buy two sets of stock blades a year for my mower. The metal used in stock blades is cheap and low quality, and the blades bend easily and wear out too fast. I’ve used the Meg-Mo blades I originally ordered for the past 2 ½ seasons. Now two of the knives are getting a little worn so I ordered more knives at only $4.95 each. So-called premium replacement stock blades for riding mowers cost $30 or more.

Meg-Mo blades are well built and made from high quality steel so they stand up to a lot of punishment, and they do a great job of cutting in tall or wet grass. Anyone who spends much time on a lawn mower should look at these blades and save themselves some money and trouble.

Chris Kornkven – Helenville, WI
Ok so I’ve had them on my 72″ Iron JD for about 3 weeks and I like them. My operator tells me that the clippings are much smaller than with the mulching blades I had on there. So I immediately ordered a set for my Toro 580D(16 feet) … that’s eleven blades, quite a bit more $$ than standard but worth every penny. The wind from under the decks is unreal, clippings are ejected quicker & yet 1/4 of the size than with the older blades. They have no nicks or gouges out of them after hitting all kinds of rocks and seem to stay sharper longer and faster to sharpen when they do need it. I also got a set for the Walker 42″ with much the same results there. I’ll be taking delivery of a JD WAM 1600 (11 ft) soon & will be ordering a set for it as well. Roy was able to get my order out quick even though he was out of some disks so I was pleased with the service. In the end they are 3 times as much as a mulching or high lift blade but in my opinion well worth the added $$ for all the above reasons. So there’s my long winded observations….

Ok Roy; This is the second cutting on my 6hp Deere rider and I only needed half throttle once the little engine got the Meg-mo up to speed. After that it was Katy bar the door. My only complaint is when I left the blade engaged, lowered the throttle to idle and got off the mower to open the garden gate, it looked like the mower was doing a belly dance. So I won’t keep doing that. The extra blades arrived ok. Also the Meg Mo doesn’t kick up as much dust as the regular Deere blades do.

Thanks again,
Jack Ross
Good evening Roy,

I am one of your past satisfied costumers. I last ordered about 2 or so years ago.

I own and run a CIC/resort in northern Minnesota and these blades work great for the often long wet grass we are faced with around the lake. My blade speeds stay more consistent and do not get any windrowed clumps of grass compared to when I use standard John Deere blades. The clippings just BLOOOOWWWWWW away!

Thank you and have a good weekend.
Steve Ward

The season is off to a great start with no need to double cut lawns, these blades deliver a uniform cut every time. Bottom line they are saving me gas and time! Thanks!

Steve Lucas

I received my meg-mo blades Monday, put them on that night. It was raining yesterday morning, when I got off work I put them to the test. A++. My 50″ dixie chopper has never cut so good so fast and ran so smooth. NO build up under the deck with semi-wet grass and it cut so easy that it seemed the motor was under no load at all. I will never put a regular set of blades back on my mower!

Thank you –
Robert Holladay – TN
Good Morning Roy,

I can’t begin to tell you how nice it’s been talking with you over the past 10 years. I consider you not only a client but a close friend as well.

I was emailing to let you know that I received the blades, and as you know this is my second set in the past 5 years. I have to sharpen the first set and don’t want to be without the blades on the mower while I’m trying to find time to do it. These blades are truly the best. They mulch so well that I can fit so much more in my baggers, which in turn is less trips to the mulching pile. This is so true in the fall with all those leaves. I can’t thank you enough for turning me onto your product. I think every lawn care business should have these on every mower, even better every mower manufacture. Except reel mowers of course. The blades are so easy to take on and off, which is great for everyone. You have a great product Roy, I’m glad that I can be apart of spreading the news.

George Pallos
Hey Roy,

I appreciate the email. I found the problem to the rooster tail. I did my routine mower deck belt inspection last night, and saw that it was cracked. It was just a coincidence that as soon as I put your blades on, the belt started skipping a bit. I replaced the belt last night and the cut is now perfect. In fact, I mowed my biggest account that I usually have to mow on 3.5″ so I don’t have to double-cut due to it’s thickness, but I was able to get it down to 3″ with no clumps or anything. Great product. I will be recommending to all of my friends with lawn care companies and even my relatives who only mow their own houses. Thanks again.

I have your blades on my Simplicity 42″ triple-spindle deck. They are awesome. The results and time-savings are great. Highly recommended!

Randy Tracy
Got the blades shortly before mowing season and have now cut four times. I am pleased to say you represented your product accurately. My 618 Grasshopper mows better than before the blade switch. I took the Grasshopper to my dealer last week for a minor repair and he loved the blades. I suspect he may contact you in effort to establish a local distribution agreement (Busenbark Lawn Equipment in Brownsburg, IN). I will enjoy spreading the word. Thanks for a good product.

Ray Young – Mooresville, IN
Hey Roy…

Yesterday the temperature here reached the high 70’s! I got the new blades installed with two spacers and new thin lock-nuts. So…I cranked up the mower and cut the yard!

You can certainly tell a difference when you put the blades in motion. I start them at an idle and they did some clinking until I got the speed up. The sound of the blades at operational speed is more of a “hum” rather than a “roar”. The real difference was in the actual cutting. Even though my Fescue grass wasn’t very tall, I was able to cut about a half to one inch in most places. WOW! It pulverized the cuttings! I had some small pine cones that had laid out all winter and it cut them into dust! Also, there were some oak tree leaves drifted up near my back fence. One swipe and nothing but dust!

I could not tell if the “wheel track” issue has been affected or not…I’ll need to wait until the grass is taller and more even to tell. But for the time being…I’m happy with what I see!

One question…If is increased the engine “high idle” (operating RPM) a bit…would that be beneficial? I don’t know what normal operating RPM is on that engine and blade system but it doesn’t seem to be too fast. What do you think?

Don Schultz

I have been using your blades for a few years now. They do an excellent job. The best looking lawn in the hood.

Stanley Sabin – Trenton KY
Hi Roy,

My application is on an Excel Hustler model 305 0 turn with a 72 in cut right side discharge. All blades rotating the same direction. I cut both finish lawn and fields. This machine cuts about 18 acres each complete cut. Since this unit works so hard it has been re powered with a 4 cyl. Kubota diesel of about 40 hp. Using this new blade system the engine load has been reduced by almost half. The cut is very clean on the grass and I am able to let the grass grow longer between cuts with no sacrifice in quality of cut. When I cut the fields short with johnson and saw, and nut grass mixed in with the normal field grass I always left trails of the tall grasses standing up. It looked very sloppy and either I had to cut more often before the fields grew high, or I had to make a 2nd pass going slow.

NOW, I make one pass at the same speed and get a clean cut with a lot less load on the engine. We have 2 more hustlers of the same type and size which I plan to change over this winter when we rebuild the mower decks.

Erich Diener, Sunbelt Sales – Fort Smith, AR
Mr. Megli –

I saw your video and thought “You can only kick a dead horse for so long.” So I got a set of your blades and I admit, I had my reservations, but with your guarantee I thought I couldn’t lose, especially with my 8hp cub cadet rider. Your blades arrived in a timely manner and were very easy to install. The first thing I noticed was that the meg-mo blades were quieter. I usually wait till late morning to cut the grass, when the dew burns off a bit, that way I don’t clog up the grass catcher or leave big clumps in the yard. Well I headed out at 7:30 am…….Full speed ahead in dew wet 6 inch grass. All I really need to say is WOW! I have never seen my lawn cut so well EVER…Period!I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. My mower did not bog once. Your blades pulverized (Mulched) the grass on the first pass. No Lumps No Clump and No Clogs like with the regular blades. The even, clean cut was amazing. I believe I have made my neighbor jealous. He’s out there now looking over the fence quack’n about my yard. He doesn’t know I have your blades on…Yet.

Thank you and have a Great Day!
Chad Vandre – Rockford, IL

We currently own two John Deere 1600T mowers which we use to mow our rough and other areas around the course. We have been unhappy with the quality of the cut using our standard blades. We decided to give the Meg MO System blades a try. The very first morning we put them on, the turf was wet and long due to recent rains. We immediately realized that the Meg MO blades left very little clumps from the wet turf compared to our other mower which mower which we left our standard blades on for comparison. We also noticed a cleaner, smoother cut. The other immediate result we found was that the clippings were pulverized much finer than our regular blades.

We were so happy with the results of the Meg Mo blades that we just ordered a second set for our other mower. We would highly recommend the Meg MO blade system to anyone that desires a quality cut turf that reduces clippings and at the same time produces a superior looking finished product.

Ron Himes, Assistant Superintendent – Elliot Golf Course
Dear Roy,

Just a note to let you know how happy I am that I decided to give Meg-Mo™ Systems a try. It is a pleasure to mow our lawn and it is a good-sized one, and to know when the job is finished, the lawn looks great. My wife always told me she didn’t think the lawn had a nice clean-cut look to it, when I was using our other blades, but with the Meg-Mo™ Systems, I hear no complaints, only compliments on how nice our lawn looks. Thanks again for a super product.

Yours truly,
Dale E. Grainger – Leamington, Ontario, Canada
I am just finishing up my third season with the Meg-mos. I love ’em. I run them on my 28 year old Simplicity riding tractor, and the results are beautiful. Everyone needs a set.

Randy Tracy

Your product is amazing! I have a new property which was cut out of a dense woods. I destroyed a new John Deere 62″ deck in one year. It couldn’t be straightened anymore. I have since bought a Skag 61″ and put a set of your blades on it. I have hit many stumps with them with very little alteration of the cutting edges. Your blades stay sharp, don’t bend, and don’t transfer impact energy to the deck with deck damage. I am ordering a set for my replacement deck for the John Deere. Hopefully, I will be able to keep its lighter weight deck flat with your blades. Another amazing feature is the near total lack of grass debris. There is no need to bag, and the clippings do not build up from week to week. Thank you for marketing this wonderful product.

John Van Heukelom
Your blades get an A+++++ on annual ryegrass. I grow a lot of it in Pinehurst during the cool season and it’s never looked better than it has since I started using your blades. One of the biggest advantages to using your blades on annual ryegrass is the fact that the clippings don’t seem to stick as much to the blade and the deck. Saves lots of time! I haven’t used a better mowing blade.

Michael Thamm, New River Gardens, Inc. – Pinehurst, NC
I feel the Meg-Mo blades are a good investment for several reasons.

I am getting a superior cut, especially in tall or wet grass, and my cut is our first priority. Before I stocked 2 sets of mulching blades and 2 or 3 sets of hi-lift blades for both my 48″ Hustler and my 52″ 23 hp Scag. Because the difference is in the disc and not the knives, I now stock only 4 Meg-Mo knives for spares at only $3.95 per knife. I changed and sharpened my blades every day or two before. I sharpened the Meg-Mo blades after 2 1/2 weeks and we mow about 110 properties a week.

These three reasons are giving us better customer service and substantial savings in time and money.

Riverside Mowing – Elizabethton, TN

I have two C AC tractors, both have been overhauled standard bore. One has a Artsway 72 inch mower with a Meg-Mo System, the other one has a 60 inch Woods without the Meg-Mo System . I can mow much taller grass with the 72 Meg-Mo System, in fact I took both of them to my crown vetch this morning, 4-22-01. the 72 inch Meg-Mo worked, the 60 inch woods, with-out the system was a problem to say the least, It just would not cut! That’s why I sent you an e-mail prior to this message to get a price and how to order the system for the woods cutter. Any company that at least does not offer your system as an accessory package with each mower they sell, just do not know about these systems or are just plain missing the boat. I would not have a mower without it . Roy, This is the best system I have seen. Thank you.
I just mowed for the first time with your blade system, & I still find it hard to believe a set of blades could improve a mower so much! These blades work GREAT. I will be ordering at least one & probably several more sets soon.

Thanks for a fantastic product.

Just a note to let you know the disks I ordered earlier in the summer have been serving me fine. They’ve proven to be far superior to the Sears Craftsman blades even though they are installed on one of the worst mower deck designs I’ve seen.

The disks cut wet or dry grass however, the deck does plug up pretty bad with wet grass (obviously). The blades do a fantastic job of pulverizing the cut grass stems. My 2 acre lawn grows very fast due to a high water table. It cannot be bagged unless conditions are very dry. When I am able to collect the clippings and haul them to the woods, I am amazed at how well the blades pick up the old clippings along with the new ones. The system was well worth the bucks! Thanks for designing Meg-Mo.

Mike Chaulk – Jerome, MI

I received your blades today and immediately installed them on my Snapper 42″ Yard Cruiser. This is indeed an astonishing product and lives up to everything your testimonials claim. It is wonderful to see that fine spray of clippings floating out of the discharge chute and melting invisibly down into the turf. You may use this quote if you wish.

John Hilgenberg
Hi Roy,

Received my blades yesterday and put them to the test today. Normally I have to wait until the grass dries to start mowing. This morning I got up, put the blades on, and cut before the dew was gone. I was amazed at how the blades worked. The cut is so good even in the wet grass that I mowed several yards before 10:00 which is my normal starting time. Even though the tires on the tractor showed plenty of moisture in the grass, my deck stayed spotless. You definitely have developed a product that I wish I would have found years ago. I will be telling all of the people I know about meg mow. My dad will be calling you for a set of blades too. Fantastic product!!

Thanks Again,
Mark Molleck

I got your mower conversion on Friday the 23rd of march. The installation went very well and the mowing went GREAT!! Usually the first mowing of the season is quite a challenge here in the Pacific Northwest. We have lots of winter growth and heavy moss. The normal procedure is to mow than mow again to sort of windrow the grass-moss and then rake with a small wheel yard rake. Then I have to pick up the grass and haul it off. With your Meg-mo setup all I did is mow once. The clippings were cut much finer and spread out clump free. Easy and a very nice job of cutting! I was so impressed I took the mower out into a pasture that was not grazed for the last half of last year. The thing still worked great. The dead grass was more than a foot tall and laid down flat, in one pass it cut and mulched. Wow! All this and less vibration and noise. Thank you for the great product.

Bob Grenzow – Sumas, WA
I first saw your cutting system at the 1998 Southern Illinois Grounds Maintenance Conference and was, to be honest, a little skeptical. I decided on trying your blades after reviewing your literature, the product claims and doing a cost comparison of your product versus my traditional replacement blades. I want to thank you for coming up with an excellent and innovative cutting system.

My staff and I are responsible for maintaining approximately 4.5 acres of grass and woodland areas. With “seasonal or part-time” employees that are extremely hard on the mowing equipment, causing a lot of down-time and maintenance, I am always looking for ways to reduce the need for repairs and increase productivity.

I found both when I bought your Meg-Mo System in August of 1998 for the Yardman tractor that we operate. Since that time we have accumulated approximately 200 hours of operation and there has been no need to sharpen the [knives] nor have I had any blade or deck related down time. Your Meg-Mo System does everything that you advertise it to do.

Over the next several years I will be replacing all of my lawn mowing equipment and intend to order the Meg-Mo System for each mower as they are purchased. Again, thanks for a great product.

Gary A. Ford, Garden Supervisor
Granite City Park District – Granite City, IL
I do custom mowing and ordered a pair of discs last year for my John Deere STX-38 mower, which I received in either Sept. or Oct. of 1998. I only had a chance to use the blades a short time but so far I’m very impressed, especially because they don’t clump or windrow, even in wet grass, which I often mow.

Bob Ryg – Marietta, GA
Used your discs last year and they did everything you said they would. Only sharpened once instead of 5 times; cut mowing time from 12 hours to 8 hours.

Lyle Kane
I own the Meg-Mo System for a F2560 KUB rear discharge deck.

1. Cuts cleaner
2. Doesn’t windrow – Other blades will
3. Blades have more lift
4. Deck stays cleaner, have about 50 hours on blades and have not cleaned under deck. With old blades was cleaning under blades 2-3 times a day.

Rodger Huggins – Maxwell, IA
My mower is mowing better than it did when it was new.

Wilbert Schlaack – Sun City Center, FL
After using the MEG-MO discs now for about five months, I am impressed with the increased efficiency of our Ford-New Holland commercial mower. Along with doing a super job of cutting, they saved me from having to buy a new spindle after hitting a 10″ diameter rock which was hidden in tall weeds along some piles of fill dirt. The four knives were demolished along with some minor damage to the disc. I am convinced that had I been using the OEM blades, it would have bent the spindle. Thanks for the great product!

Randy Braddock – Syracuse, KS
I purchased a set of (Meg-Mo™ System) blades for a Dixon mower from you last fall. I am so impressed with these blades. I am amazed how little pull on the engine I have. (I) gave a little demonstration to a friend while telling him how great the blades were. I was cutting bluegrass that was 16″ high, with the blades it was just like cutting your yard. You have a great product.

Dave Henderson – Sharpsville, IN
We received our (Meg-Mo™ System) cutting disc from you in November. It was for our Wheelhorse mower. We cut our grass and was amazed with the job it did. We were also impressed with the speed at which it could cut the grass. The next day my wife couldn’t wait to try the cutting discs out on some thick leaves in our front yard. We were again amazed at the job it did and the speed at which she traveled. It look like a yard that had been raked! We have ordered a second set of cutting discs for our Homelite mower. We believe these discs will cut our mowing time in half. We are satisfied customers!

Ray & Elaine Dykes – Bloomingfield, IA
John Deere 175 – 38″ deck “With the rotary blades I can mow faster with less bunching and windrowing.

David Willenbring – New Vienna, IA
I use the (Meg-Mo™ System) on my 48″ walker bagging mower. I started to use the system for my fall clean-ups and have continued to use it in my spring clean-ups. In the state of Wisconsin we can get some really wet conditions. In the past, I have had trouble with the wet, damp leaves, but not this year. I was able to go through 8″ to 9″ grass and leaves and not have to worry about any type of clogging or bogging down of my machine. By using this system, I was able to cut down my clippings by 15 to 1. I’ve tried a lot of other systems out on the market but none have been able to do for me what the Meg-Mo™ System can do. If you need something to speed up your productivity especially if you are dealing with wet, rainy conditions, I believe there is not a better system on the market. It’s the best investment I’ve made.

Charles Spiegelhoff – Union Grove, WI
Chuck’s Lawn Service
Meg-Mo’s, hands down the best leaf cleanup blade system going. Vaccuum? You want vaccuum? At full throttle they suck the earthworms out of the ground.

Bobby, New Jersey
Dear Mr. Megli,

Everyone knows where the lawn mower works harder when mowing their lawns, so we were surprised to notice any need for increased power in those heavy grass areas since installing the Meg-Mo blades. The mower works easier and, since we use the mulching kit, the clippings are cut so fine that there is no trace of a residual trail of clippings. The long and short of it is that we have been able to increase our ground speed, our cutting RPM’s, getting a clean mulching cut and allowing the engine to work easier, even in deep grass, since installing the Meg-Mo system.

Thank you for a top notch product.

Robert Like

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